Thursday, September 17, 2015

Resources for Valley Fire Evacuees

The most up to date Resources are now on the Valley Fire Info Website

Applying for Aid / Assistance

Email the Adidam Bright House
The Adidam Bright House now has a whole team providing support to displaced devotees. Email them now about your circumstance and needs!

Registering with the Red Cross for Benefits
1) Start with registering online as Safe & Well at:

2) Then you need to physically go to a Red Cross Shelter in the disaster zone and get them to register you with the Red Cross. These will be available at the following locations for a month after the disaster (so approx mid-Oct). 9/16 These shelters are apparently not yet ready to register those who aren’t actually staying at the shelter, but hopefully will be within a few days. There also may be a way to register online soon, but it has not yet been provided by Red Cross.

You’ll want to register in one of these shelters (not any others):

Kelseyville High School
5480 Main St.
Kelseyville, CA 95451

Napa County Fairgrounds
1435 N. Oak Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

Clearlake Senior Comm. Center
3245 Bowers Avenue
Clearlake, CA 95422

Apply for Assistance from the Lake County Wildfire Fund:
Go to the link, print the application and fill it out. We've requested an online editable version, and will post here when it arrives.

Lake County Recovery Resources:

Job Displacement Services:
If you or someone you know is displaced from your job as a result of the Valley Fire please contact Workforce Lake for assistance and resources. We are partnered with the Employment Development Department and committed to helping people that were collecting unemployment benefits before the fire, or need to file UI or disability claims.
We also want to hear from the businesses that were affected to offer services and resources for them as well. Please call with any questions you may have. We are here to help. 707-263-0630 Lakeport, 707-998-8591 Clearlake, or 707-467-5919 Ukiah.

Apply for Assistance from the Lake County Wildfire Fund:
Go to the link, print the application and fill it out. You'll need to scan it and send back via email, or fax it. There isn't actually an editable version of the form available (we already asked).

Apply for Assistance from FEMA: 
(We believe Valley Fire has been declared a Federal Emergency, but our addresses are not yet showing up with FEMA. Hopefully to be corrected in next days)

If you need housing:

The above linked spreadsheet has 2 tabs - one for evacuees to post their housing needs, and the other for people to post housing offered. Check out the offers already posted and come back to look often - more are being added every hour. Please also post your housing needs so people can respond to you directly as they open their homes. You can post your housing need directly on the spreadsheet (it updates automatically), or email me at and I'll post.

Also contact Howard Rontal on the Matrix. He is helping to coordinate housing opportunities!

Lake County Resources for Evacuees:

LC Resources Links Page: 
How to Sign Up for Evacuation Notices, Where to get Cal Fire Updates and Emergency Info, Lists of Local News and FB groups, Shelter Locations & Other Fire Relief Info, Animal Resources, Mail Services for Evacuees, where to get donations, etc.

Cal-Fire - updates on evacuation status, road closures, fire stats:

Lake County OES:
People impacted by Valley Fire are advised to call the 211 information line to be connected to resources. 1.800.325.9604. This line is staffed 24/7.

Post-Disaster Lake County Assistance:

Animal Rescue:

Free Notary Assistance offered by Yadi Boss (on fb)

Discounted Auto Opportunity:
Fowler Auto Centers in Lake and Mendocino County are pledging $10,000 to fire relief efforts.  We will also be offering vehicles to those who have lost theirs. We aren't legally allowed to say the phrase "at our cost" in public, but we'd like to. We'll be offering more details on this program in the near future.

Free Eye Glass Replacement for Evacuees:
-VSP members 800.877.7195
-non-members can get a VSP voucher from Red Cross

 Mail Delivery:

Mail for the evacuated areas has been re-routed and is available for pick up at the following locations:
For Cobb and Clearlake Riviera:
Kelseyville Post Office
5500 Gaddy Lane, Kelseyville, CA 95451, 707.279.4562

For Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake:
Clearlake Post Office
13417 Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake, CA 95422, 707.998.3544

According to the Clearlake P.O. - Friday the 18th – their reps will be at the Calistoga Fairgrounds evacuation facility from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM and anyone staying in that area can register with the PO to have mail delivered to them wherever they are now (Like a temporary change of address).

Home Insurance Claims

Non-profit specializing in helping owners dealing with Insurance Co. Claims
good 3 minute video and tons of support for insured parties
Breaks down entire process - Total Loss or Partial loss

See their library for specific resources, such as:
Additional Living Expense (ALE)/Loss of Use filing

From Malka:
Just received an email from Mark Murphy...he's a professional fire insurance "adjuster". He was wonderfully helpful when my house burned down in 2009, making it possible for me to receive the full allowable amount from my homeowner's insurance policy. He's highly skilled and caring and is available for consult.

Claims & Loss Management Link:

Practical Notes for Returning Home:

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the Valley Fire. I have over 39 years of experience in the Fire Restoration industry and would like to offer some helpful suggestions to help you through these trying times.

I know that there are many years of memories that have been destroyed or at the very least damaged. So before you begin inspecting your property please take a moment and read the following information and suggestions:

Be aware that soot and smoke, both residue and odors, are easily transferred to clean environments. This type of odor easily cross-contaminates the inside of your car or where you are currently living.

Depending on the age of your home there may be hazardous materials present – lead and asbestos, so take precautions to protect yourself. Most homes built before the mid-1980’s will contain some asbestos or lead or both. Even if you have remodeled there still may be hazardous material present.

Be very careful when walking around your property – there may be holes, nails, glass, etc. that could hurt you.
Be prepared before arriving at your home with the following items:
1. Tyvek suits and booties or a change of clothes and shoes – you don’t want to be wearing smelly and sooty clothes back to where you are staying. Put your clothing and shoes in a plastic bag and launder them at a laundromat – or leave them outside. When you are done put them in a garbage bag before getting in your vehicle.
2. Garbage bags to put things in. Everything must be wrapped before putting the items in your vehicle or they will stink up the interior.
3. Paper respirator (N-95 if possible) This is for protecting your from air borne particulates in order to protect your lungs from the soot and toxins in the air.
4. Hand sanitizer to use when cleaning up afterwards.
5. First Aid Kit.
6. Flashlight.
7. Water to keep hydrated.
8. Paper towels
If you have any specific questions regarding cleaning any items that you have retrieved please call me on my cell at 707.337.7878.
Dave Osborn, WLS, CMRS

Returning home:

Checking Utilities and Major Systems

Your destroyed buildings will be cleared, cleaned and tested at no cost to you."

Possible Additional Resource for help cleaning/repairing fire damage (will work with insurance):

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