Thursday, September 17, 2015

How You Can Help the Valley Fire Evacuees

The most up to date Resources are now on the Valley Fire Info Website


Adidam Emergency Relief Fund for Lake County Devotees
In order to assist Lake County devotees impacted by the fire, many of whom don’t yet know the state of their homes, and many who have already found out that their homes have been destroyed, and who are all now displaced and living with friends, in shelters, with family or in hotels, "Bright" House Adidam has established the Adidam Emergency Relief Fund. We are reaching out to all Lake County devotees impacted by the fire to determine their specific needs but we know already they will need a lot of immediate support with food, lodging, clothing, health and travel costs.

Contributions are welcome in any amount from all.  If you are a U.S resident, to make a tax-deductible contribution via Paypal, please pay to:

To donate by check from the U.S., please make the check payable to " Global Ashram of Adidam", put "Adidam Emergency Relief Fund" in the memo and mail to:

Global Ashram of Adidam
PO Box 196
Cobb CA 95426

If you live outside the U.S, you can make a contribution through Paypal but it will not be tax-deductible. However, we heartily encourage regions outside the U.S to establish local relief funds for the Lake County situation, and to collect donations from local devotees if that would be more beneficial. Time is of the essence, though, so please act quickly.

Bright House is currently putting systems in place to allow the most efficient use of everyone's time, energy, and money in the relief effort. If you have ideas or want to help, please let us know. We have set up a new mailbox on the Matrix called Response for Lake County or

Housing needed for the hundreds of displaced LC devotees – Open your home!

The above linked spreadsheet has 2 tabs - one for evacuees to post their housing needs, and the other for people to post housing offered. If you can open your home, or have an offer from a friend, please post your offer so people in need can respond to you directly. Also you can view the listings from those who need housing and respond to them at contact info provided. 

You can post your housing offered directly on the spreadsheet (it updates automatically), or email me at and I'll post.

More Donation & Service Opportunities

Support for Protection and Restoration of the Mountain Of Attention
While the threat of fire damage to the Mountain Of Attention may have diminished somewhat, the staff on the Sanctuary is still on high alert, as we continue through this very dry fire season.

If you are able to help, your contribution to the Mountain Of Attention Fire Relief Fund would be a great help and greatly appreciated. Please feel free to go to this site to make your donation:

Service to the Mountain Of Attention
We are now coordinating service needs for the Mountain Of Attention on an ongoing basis through Rodney Grisso. If you are heart-moved to offer service to the Mountain Of Attention, please contact Rodney through his Matrix Account as to your availability and any details of what you can offer (days, times, skills, etc.). We will be creating daily, weekly and month-long service opportunities.  More announcements to come.

For those living outside of Lake County, please consider coming to serve for any length of time. While it is very early in this recovery and restoration process, we definitely can use devotees who can come to Lake County for a period of time. We will keep you posted on these kinds of opportunities.

For Service to the Mountain Of Attention, Contact
Rodney Grisso Matrix or
and /or call  Rodney and leave a message at 707-367-1818 (he will be checking the messages regularly)

Donate for the Sacred Camel Herd:
Help support the Sacred Camel Herd and the men and women who have fought to save their lives and the surrounding properties.

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